Casting seeds

Scribbling In my world

Thinking Jesus

And my destiny

Old sin calls me

Sweetest honey

“I need some money”

“Not now i’m busy”

“But i’m hungry”

“I put my last in the offering plate ”

“Is there no one else you want to date”

“No. too late”

Luke 12;34  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Prayer and trofranil

The third eye was opened

God closed it back

Slippery is that slope

No coming back

Read Psalms 35

What’s your name


Chaos governs

Shape shifting heads

Familiar voices

Bolder and louder

Uttering colder

Fear is winning

My test this

Alone in ominous seas .

“Demons after you” The strong man said

Bind it on earth

Trek through deserts

So-realness in reality