Macau Gaming lounge


The intimate atmosphere of The Macau Gaming Lounge made for the perfect setting to launch the brand new Live and Revive music series starting March 11th. Each Monday the event will focus on soothing sounds of Jazz and Acoustic Reggae. Maurice Gordon, Jamaican Guitarist and friends opened the event at 7:00 pm to a sizeable crowd and entertained them with classical hits, contemporary Jazz and original compositions. Patrons also spent their time drinking Appleton VX and using their Complimentary $10 USD Macau gaming card, which is included as part of the $2000.00 Admission. Smiling faces and chatter filled the air until approximately 11:00 pm when the show commenced. Those who wanted more were told that Samuele Vivian, Italian guitarist is set to Headline next Monday, March 18th with pieces from his album“Mediterranea” as well as renditions of Reggae. Pre-sold tickets can be purchased at SpartanHealth Club and the Macau Gaming Center


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