Panton Bay ,Portland

Blue_lagoon1Driving across Jamaica will reveal some amazing spots that are considered treasured locations for fun or retreat by those who come across them.  Not typically the well-advertised spots for recreational activities, these areas are normally discovered by mere coincidence and then over time become a secret hangout spot.

One such place is in Panton’s Hope, Portland. Driving through the parish recently, the Outlook team was sidetracked by this beautiful area that we later discovered was one that was well appreciated by many.

Just off the road was a well-kept green area which overlooks the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Located in a fishing area, the spot has been the prized possession of residents who over the years have ensured that it retains its natural beauty.

Enid Welch, who has been living just across the road for over 40 years, said that she has spearheaded its preservation.

According to her, for 15 years she has led the movement of maintaining the area, which has been a must-stop for many locals and tourists alike.

“Passersby always stop and take in the view and it really is a nice spot to take pictures”, she said.

Welch said that the area has been the place of choice for picnics and barbecues for friends and families. And this is at no cost.

“People come and spend a few hours and they bring their food and just enjoy the day,” she told us.

There is also the option of having your meal prepared by the chef of a nearby cookshop. The preferred choice of meal so far is, yes, you guessed it, fish.

To make the scenic area more appealing, a bench has been added which allows visitors to simply sit, relax and take in the amazing view and listen to the sounds of the crashing waves.

Blue Lagoon fake beach 20 Jan 2011

This really is an island gem



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