Bird Trapped

DSC02225 DSC02222Image


When i arose and visited the kitchen, i was greeted with  a most shocking revelation. I saw an object on the glue rat trap and on closer inspection i saw that it was not a pesky vermin but a little birdie , My heart fell , I don’t like seeing these beings suffering. This has been my mindset since i went Bird hunting and saw the suffering that the birds went through and felt  the last beats of their tiny heart pumping fast as if ready to explode anyway back to the story

“This bird is a goner ” I said and the plan of action was either to take it out of misery quickly by you know what or pull it of the glue trap and giving it to fluffy my dog to let nature take its course  , the bird was panicking and that caused me some more uneasiness  but as i touched the bird it just stopped fighting like it knew that i was the only hope that it had to life , well i took my time and gently pulled it off . It was easier than i expected as the feathers easily came off,  I went outside to put it on the lawn and the the little Birdie getting the opportunity , Flew away . I am so pleasantly surprised , so many emotions and the day just got started.

and the Moral of the Story is ……

…. 1.Take The Help 2. Don’t stop fighting  ( i would not have seen the bird if it was not fighting )


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