Song for the black youths

A well put together song by a man trying to encourage the black youths .

Why did i post it ?

Because black people are losing

I have no desire to take black people back to Africa .there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there -Marcus Garvey


White girls take over music December 2013-2014

It seems that the young generation of white ladies are putting out music that makes us turn our head and say”who was that”

They have tapped into their own reality and all those hours of reading  and absorbing those thousands of words in books that have given them a command of words second to none and imagination to show you their dreams

Thank you hip hop

they have grown up with hip hop  being such a important part of their culture that they have crafted their own version of word play  that tantalizes the intellect and soul .

So props to the white girls .craft your reality

Rodni Robinson

Britain’s Black Debt

Book Launch at the University Of The West Indies for those who care

Since the mid-nineteenth-century abolition of slavery, the call for reparations for the crime of African enslavement and native genocide has been growing. In the Caribbean, grassroots and official voices now constitute a regional reparations movement. While it remains a fractured, contentious and divisive call, it generates considerable public interest, especially within sections of the community that are concerned with issues of social justice, equity, civil and human rights, education, and cultural identity. The reparations discourse has been shaped by the voices from these fields as they seek to build a future upon the settlement of historical crimes.

Hilary Beckles University of the West Indies Professor

Miss Black Nude Pageant returns to Jamaica


This event will be September 10-16

And the Wesite for entry of the girls is

It will be held at the Famous Hedonism hotel and we are going to get passes to the show ,

As a visitor to the island you are able to visit most hotels even if you don’t book in

Email:  to book your date